Locked into a juicy apple

A bit more than 2 years ago I got bored by my usual XP+cygwin box (and I had given up on Linux anyway), and thought I would try a mac. Meanwhile I have tried macs a lot, spent a fortune on software. Sigh, I am having quite some hardware issues, but fortunately everything so far was covered by warranty or apple care. Anyway, my house is the perfect Mac Family place: several MacBook[pro]s, a time capsule, an iPhone, several editions of all the basic software (iWork, iLive, Mac OS -- Snow Leopard pre-ordered), and a good deal of pay and freeware (e.g., several kinds of screen/video capture/recording).

Here is the problem: I have gotten addicted to apples.

So let me self-diagnose whether I can get rid of that addiction:
  1. I write texts with web apps or with LaTeX. Other Oss can do this too.
  2. I use .key for slides. Some bits would get lost in translation to .ppt[x].
  3. iTunes seems to be platform-independent, no?
  4. iPhoto. Who needs that? I am using Picasa above it anyway.
  5. iWeb. Why did I ever start using it? It is sooo constraining anyway!
  6. I have some minor utilities that I would need to find counterparts for ...
  7. Sure my kids will miss PhotoBooth.
  8. I will miss iMovie; it helped me to understand that I need 4 GB.
Based on such preliminary reflection, I claim that there is an Ok transition path to W7. It's good to have a choice.


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