Bulk mailing for your conferences not appreciated

Dear Dr. Nagib Callaos,

For some years now, my mailbox is flooded by CFPs for your many conferences such as WMSCI 2011 (for which you are General Chair etc.). My email address is rlaemmel@gmail.com. Please remove me from your bulk mailing system. (I have tried your instructions for unsubscribing in the past, obviously, w/o success.)

Keep up the good work.

Ralf Lämmel

PS: It is not easy to set up a mail filter that addresses this problem reliably over the years. Or does anyone have an idea as to how to stretch gmail's filter mechanism? I can think of a rule that checks whether a) we face a CFP or some other form of conference ad, and b) certain keywords (names) occur on the website of the conference. Now, gmail, please provide us with that expressiveness :-)


  1. You could use:

    See the relevant RFC on the use of the plus-sign as a kind of tagging.

  2. Thanks, Nomen. To make this reliable though, we need either do some NLP in the rule or we need gmail to give us access to a conceptualized representation of each email.