Empirical studies of software languages

Dear language researchers and engineers,

if you were interested in empirical studies of software languages, what journals and conferences come to your mind as potential publication venues for such studies? In different terms, what do you think what quality journals and conferences would be popping up if you were googling (binging) intelligently for empirical studies of programming languages, modeling languages, domain-specific languages, and other software languages you can think of?

Please send your ideas by email to rlaemmel@acm.org by 19 May.

The results of this inquiry will be published while preserving anonymity of all participants.

Professor Fish

PS1: The reason for asking is that we are into a meta-empirical effort, continuing our SLE 2010 paper "Empirical language analysis in software linguistics" (Jean-Marie Favre and Dragan Gasevic and Ralf Lämmel and Ekaterina Pek). We are going to use content analysis, where we aim for automation for data mining to the extent possible, but substantial manual efforts remain. Therefore, scalability is limited, and we would like to narrow down the search space for relevant publications by using a short list of journals and conferences, but, at the same time, remaining transparent about what we use. So please, in the interest of science, send your journal and conference acronyms.

PS2: Please understand that I do not include any journals and conferences that are already on our mind. I do not want to bias you in any way. This is also the reason for disabling comments on this post.