Towards a megamodel for programming and language technologies


We have started a major effort on megamodeling programmig and language technologies.
At GPCE 2010 and SLE 2010, we have revealed this effort.
Contributions are more than welcome.
Our next milestone is an actual megamodel that covers the software corpus "101companies".


  • The GPCE/SLE megamodeling tutorial: description [.pdf]; slides [.pdf].
  • The GPCE 2010 keynote: website: [.html]; slides: [.pdf].
  • The 101company website at SourceForge developers: [.html].


  • All of this is joint work with Jean-Marie Favre and Dragan Gasevic.
  • Thomas Schmorleiz is the incredible developer who helps on 101companies.
  • Wolfgang Lohmann has done a great job on the empirical parts of the keynote.


I have been developing an advanced programming class over the last 3 years. A defining characteristic of the class is that it is supposed to cover a broad range of programming and language technologies---perhaps a much broader range than in many other programming courses elsewhere.

In spring 2010, Jean-Marie Favre, Dragan Gasevic and me had an informal workshop in Malaga, where we developed the idea of teaching software languages (or the broader theme of programming and language technologies) in a manner that heavily relies on a) examples; b) comparison; c) megamodeling.

The tutorial and the keynote reveal this idea in more detail.

Your 101companies contributions are welcome.