Design of a functional programming class

Just arrived in Marburg for Sebastian Erdweg's PhD defense. On this occasion, I will speak about the emerging design of a functional programming class that we will start next semester in Koblenz. It uses and augments the 101companies Project in interesting ways.


Title: Design of a functional programming class

Abstract: In the classic model, the lecturer takes the students through aspects of functional programming (such as list processing, higher-order functions, monads) and provides slides, samples, and other resources to the students, possibly complemented by a textbook recommendation. In the proposed model, a software chrestomathy becomes the primary source of knowledge and center of activity. Relevant programming concepts, language and technology aspects are documented and associated with a rich and organized set of samples including cross-references to external resources such as textbooks, Wikipedia, and other wikis. We are preparing such a course within the scope of the 101companies Project. In this talk, I present the emerging design and describe the emerging capability of the 101companies Project to serve such course designs.


Acknowledgement: This is joint work with Thomas Schmorleiz and Andrei Varanovich. Many thanks also for various infrastructural contributions by Sebastian Jackel and Martin Leinberger.