My Gear Fit Wish List

For like 10 days I own and use a Samsung Gear Fit.

I love it. I don't agree with this negative review.

However, I hope Samsung improves the software in a timely manner.

Here are some proposals, I should edit this blog post, as I see fit.

Bug report: Cycling exercise stops recording because of "no movements"

This happens after 10mins of recording. I think this happens because it uses a sanity check that may be right for running exercises, but there is no arm/hand movements, if you are cycling in a proper way. Within some time window, I can cancel the stop message to make it continue measuring. Anyway, this is highly annoying, as I need to hit a small on-display button while cycling. I don't see how one could not have caught this by basic field testing. [Added on 19 May 2014]

Feature request: Usable wake-up gesture needed

Currently, we have the choice between pushing the small hardware button on the Gear Fit to wake it up or relying on movement-based wakeup such that one lifts up the hand, as if one wanted to look at the display. The first option is clumsy, especially when you are doing sports. The second option is annoying because the display goes on all the time. Simple proposal: provide touch-based wakeup. Alternative: use a more unique movement pattern for wakeup. Some sort of shaking would also be conceivable. Combination of movement and touch Ok, too. [Added on 19 May 2014]

BTW, here is also a forum for the Gear Fit.