The same guy as "Grammarware, Haskellware, XMLware"

What's wrong with the old blog?

I have been using http://blogs.msdn.com/ralflammel/ for some blogging until now. I created that blog when I was still a MS employee and it may be inappropriate to keep using this blog forever. Not that I have any plans to say anything controversial about MS in the future, but some of my personal opinions may be inappropriate on a blogger's domain that is mostly used by MS employees with often more MS-related content. Actually I really like some MS technologies, and I think I can speak about them much more easily when not being hosted on msdn.

Why "Professor Fish"?

I was looking for a content-free title and so I recalled that one of the more offensive students in one of my courses called me a "fish" in a newsgroup. I actually like that name because I like the sea and I like to swim and I like sea food. Anyway, the name is still better than "grammarware, haskellware, xmlware" (the name of my msdn blog) because I also want to (potentially) blog about non-CS stuff.

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