An Annotated and Illustrated Bibliography on Software Language Engineering

I am very happy to provide the keynote of OOPSLE 2013 at WCRE (The first workshop on Open and Original Problems in Software Language Engineering). Here is the title, abstract, etc. Looking forward the meeting in October in Koblenz. Greetings from Neustadt a. d. Weinstrasse.


Ralf Lämmel, University of Koblenz-Landau


An Annotated and Illustrated Bibliography on Software Language Engineering


Given that OOPSLE is about open (and) original problems on software language engineering (SLE), it does make a lot of sense to look back at somewhat closed (and back then) original problems on SLE. Such look into the (rather recent) past will be provided by this talk in the form of an annotated and illustrated bibliography. Annotations take the usual form of a bit of text that is summarizing the work. Illustrations take the form of capturing terms and principle examples in a declarative language such as Prolog or Haskell. The speaker is working on such a bibliography in the context of developing and maintaining courseware on SLE. The assumption is here that SLE courseware should be informed by a good corpus of papers and suitable illustrations of the main concepts of those papers. A number of open research challenges will also be encountered in this manner. Further, a number of folklore SLE notions will be revealed as being insufficiently linked to suitable papers, thereby calling perhaps for a textbook on SLE foundations.



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