Software Language Book ready for review and limited access

I am happy to be done with the draft of the software language book. Just sent it off to Springer for the final verdict/review.

Please find the book's frontmatter (including table of contents, preface, and acknowledgment) as well as the first technical chapter ("The notion of software language") online:


If you like to review the draft book or use it already in class room, please get in touch. The draft is sent to Springer and I hope to receive Springer's Ok+input within three months and finalize the book accordingly no later than May 2017. While under review and further scrutiny, I am going to perform self-motivated proof-reading and fine tuning. (There are some obvious dimensions for the final mile: index, exercises, English, formatting, clarity, bibliography.)

I am going to have a sabbatical Mid of February - End of October 2017. I am super-über-motivated to visit a few places, give guest lectures drawn from the book, and discuss use of the book in teaching, and, of course, engage on research along the way. No matter what, there is going to be extensive slide, video, and code material complementing the book by the end of summer.

All the code that's in the book and a lot more is available online anyway:


BTW, the book's repo is megamodel-managed; see here:

Happy New Year

PS: Just received word from Springer regarding schedule:
  • 1-15 January: Identification of reviewers :-)
  • 15 January - 7 April: Reviewing
  • 7 April - 15 May: Revision
  • 15 May - 1 July: Copy editing
  • 1 July - 1 October: Production
  • 23 - 24 October: Outing at SLE 2017 conference

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