Meeting the shark

Tonight, Henrique Rebêlo will take me to the sea in Recife, which is notoriously known for the occasional shark attack. This means that this could be my last post, and I try to get some stuff done before we go there. This also includes posting the abstract of the talk that I was just giving. There is, in fact, a submitted paper to back up the new content in the talk (such as a rule-based language for metadata association with repository and wiki entities), but I was planning to work a bit more on the paper before I reveal it. Chances are that this will never happen; please contact the co-authors in case necessary.

TitleUnderstanding a multi-language, multi-technology software chrestomathy

Abstract: The 101companies community project implements a human-resources management system time and again while using many different software languages and software technologies. A key challenge of this project is to handle, in fact, to make good use of the diversity of languages and technologies involved. There are some emerging techniques of tagging, rendering, browsing, validation, fact extraction, fragment location, etc. such that the 101companies software chrestomathy can be explored richly and insights can be gathered. This presentation will take 42 minutes, cover 42 languages and exercise 42 technologies. This is how long a talk may take; this is how many languages one easily runs into; this is how many technologies one may need to struggle with. Further, the presentation will exercise 7 technological spaces as well as 7 themes of 101companies implementations. All such diversity is by design: it allows us to demonstrate the characteristics of a multi-language, multi-technology software chrestomathy as well as the means of specifically dealing with such a chrestomathy.

Acknowledgement: Joint work with Jean-Marie Favre, Martin Leinberger, Thomas Schmorleiz, and Andrei Varanovich


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