Revealing 101meta and 101explorer

This is an announcement for a talk at University of Brasilia on 8 Aug 2012.

Title: Rule-based metadata annotation for software repositories

Abstract: Take any non-trivial software project; how do we quickly and usefully enough understand what software languages and software technologies are at work in the project; how can we systematically represent very much related knowledge about software concepts or product features exercised in directories, files, or fragments thereof in the project? How can we, in fact, gather architectural understanding on the grounds of "tags" for languages, technologies, concepts, and features; what can we do to visualize, validate, and otherwise leverage such information for the benefit of understanding projects specifically and computer science generally? In this talk, the language 101meta and the technology 101explorer will be described in an effort of responding to the aforementioned challenges; 101meta and 101explorer are grown in the 101companies community project.

Acknowledgement: This is joint work with Jean-Marie Favre, Martin Leinberger, Thomas Schmorleiz, and Andrei Varanovich.


- 101meta: http://101companies.org/index.php/Language:101meta
- 101explorer: http://101companies.org/index.php/Technology:101explorer
- 101companies: http://101companies.org

Bio of the speaker: see here.

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